Patient Testimonials

"I was referred to Dr. McKiernan mainly for PRRT. I've been doing chiropractic, PRRT, and seeing their massage therapist for acupressure. I really appreciate Dr. Jim's approach to treating me as a whole person, not just another spine to be fixed! I like that he talks to me about my treatment and keeps me involved. I have had relief from my headaches and low back pain while under his care and I know that I will only improve more with time!"
"I enjoy the regular adjustments, but when it comes to my neck, I love the activator!"
"I'm 53 and have a number of problems: My L4 and L5 have been out for some time; I have a liver problem and gallbladder issues. Dr. Jim has truly helped me with his special treatments, a therapeutic pillow so I can sleep better and a home "shocking" device to manage pain between appointments. I was in a car accident recently and tried many things, including physical therapy, but nothing worked for me. I decided to try chiropractic. Dr. Jim and his staff truly saved my life, not to mention helped my boys, my wife, and many of her co-workers. Dr. Jim was so kind when we met, he really seemed like a true friend as well as my doctor. I have yet to find such a loving, caring, and kind staff here in Kalispell. He is a kick to talk to and his wife is a very loving person. I would recommend everyone see Dr. Jim, no matter how big or small the problem."
"My wife and I had been looking for a new direction in Chiropractic care for some time when I found Dr. McKiernan. His innovative and fresh style was exactly what we were looking for. I work for the USPS as a city letter carrier and my wife works as a Labor and Delivery Nurse at KRMC and we are both on our feet all day long. Combined with the fact that we both suffered back injuries when we were younger, it is a necessity to have good Chiropractic care. We had grown tired of the 'snap, crackle and pop' methods and needed a change. Dr. McKiernan offers a number of different techniques that catered to our individual needs and the results have been great! We both experience less pain and discomfort and are looking forward to enjoying more of life this next year. My wife and I enjoy coming to Dr. McKiernan's office due to the outstanding personal care we have received as well as the great atmosphere."

McKiernan Chiropractic

McKiernan Chiropractic, Northwest Montana
"We are small town, small office,
bighearted, with plenty of
clinical experience" -Dr. McKiernan
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